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Clay's P.O.V.


"Clay's P.O.V." is a Canadian TV-Series directed & produced by Paul Donovan


Patrick J. Thomas guest stars as "Javad" in this comedic drama with a racy sexual edge. "Clay's P.O.V." is the worlds first "Point Of View" TV-Series filmed out of the perspective of the lead actor Clay.


Director and Producer Paul Donovan, known for his Scifi TV series "Lexx", takes the unique perspective of putting the viewer “in the head” of Clay as he adventures throughout Europe meeting new people and getting into all the trouble that young travelers get into.


"Clay’s P.O.V." was photographed in Prague and throughout Europe and is currently in post production. It is slated for fall broadcast in North America (SuperChannel Canada).


After working on Paul Donovan's feature "Blissestrasse", "Clay's P.O.V." is the second project of Donovan's Patrick was cast in.

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