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Sin Reaper 3D

Feature Film

"Sin Reaper" is a 3D horror / slasher set in Germany and pays homage to the classic masked slasher genre.


In this feature Patrick J. Thomas plays a lead as "Sasha Jones", a young american backpacker traveling through Europe with his best friends. During his stay in a small town in Germany he meets Samantha Walker (Helen Mutch),  who has been tortured by nightmarish visions for years. With the help of Sasha & her therapist, Dr. Hoffman (Lance Henriksen), she faces her unknown past and their break in to a convent at night becomes a fight for life and death.


After it's screening at the Cannes Film Festival's Film Market, "Sin Reaper 3D" was first released in select theaters and on DVD in Japan and shorly after picked up and released by Fangoria in the US and by Justbridge in Europe. As Patrick is half German, he dubbed himself in the German version of the movie.


Click here for an Interview  on "Sin Reaper" with Lance Henriksen and Patrick J. Thomas

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